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End User Group

The End Users Group (EUG) consists of nuclear power plant operators and research reactor owners as radioactive waste producers (RWP) and waste management organisations (WMOs).

EUG members benefit from project involvement by having closer access to the project innovative tasks, having opportunities to provide insights about their needs and challenges, and providing feedback on draft plans for technology developments and implementation of project outcomes. A diverse and active EUG ensures high impact of the Project.

The EUG can participate to the annual Project meetings, work package specific meetings, and workshops upon invitation. The EUG membership is purely a volunteer basis, with no financial or technical reporting expectations. The current composition of the EUG includes 24 members from 14 countries, as shown in the Table below.

If your organisation wants to be part of the PREDIS End User Group, contact us. Additional members are welcome throughout the project duration. If your organization would like a lighter role of just following the project as an interested party (including regulators, research groups, universities, supply chain companies, civil society, etc.), then please register for the Stakeholder group to receive email announcements (for instance about PREDIS project public events and newsletters).

Country Company Role WP interest areas Primary Contact
Belgium Belgoprocess Operator, waste processing WP7 Carlot Valgaeren
Belgium ENGIE SA Operator WP4-7 Kim Schildermans
Belgium NIRAS/ONDRAF WMO WP4-6 Maarten Van Geet
Bulgaria SERAW WMO WP2-7 Svetlozar Trayanov
Czech Republic SURAO WMO WP4, all Martina Macelova
Finland Fortum Operator WP4, WP7 Maria Leikola
Finland Posiva WMO WP4-7 Petteri Vuorio
Finland TVO Operator WP6, WP7 Annukka Laitonen
France Andra WMO WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 Stephan Schumacher
France EDF Operator WP2, WP4, WP7 Nicolas Malleron
France ITER Operator WP2, WP4-7 David Torcy
France NAAREA WMO WP4 David Lambertin
Hungary PURAM WMO WP2, WP5, WP6 Bálint NŐS
Italy Campoverde srl Waste owner, producer WP4-7 Federica Russo
Netherlands COVRA WMO WP5, WP6 Jeroen Bartol
Slovenia ARAO WMO WP2, WP4-6 Leon Kegel
Sweden SKB WMO WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7 Jan Rosdahl
Sweden Studsvik Waste owner WP3-6 Mikael Karsson
Sweden SVAFO Waste owner all Anders Puranen
Sweden Vattenfall Operator WP1-4, WP7 Simon Carroll
Switzerland Nagra WMO WP1-2, WP4, WP7 Susanne Pudollek
Ukraine Chornobyl NPP Operator WP4, WP5, WP7 Oleksandr Skomarokhov
United Kingdom LLW Repository Ltd WMO WP3-7 Helen Cassidy
United Kingdom URENCO Ltd Waste owner WP4, WP5, all Alys Devine
United States Idaho National Laboratory Operator WP1-4, WP6 Robert Miklos