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PREDIS project

The PREDIS project is the outcome of the EURATOM NFRP-2019-2020-10 RIA call “Developing pre-disposal activities identified in the scope of the European Joint Programme in Radioactive Waste Management” (September 2019).

The PREDIS project started 1.9.2020 with four years duration. The consortium includes 47 partners from 18 Member States. The overall budget of the project is 23.7 M€, with EC contribution of 14 M€.

The PREDIS project develops and increases the Technological Readiness Level of treatment and conditioning methodologies for wastes for which no adequate or industrially mature solutions are currently available, including metallic materials, liquid organic waste and solid organic waste. PREDIS project also develops innovations in cemented waste handling and pre-disposal storage by testing and evaluating. The technical Work Packages align with priorities formulated within the Roadmap Theme 2 of EURAD ( and with those identified by the project’s industrial End Users Group (EUG). PREDIS will produce tools guiding decision-making on the added value of the developed technologies and their impact on the design, safety and economics of waste management and disposal.

PREDIS will liaise with EURAD to provide complementarity on areas including the adaptation and update of the reference founding documents of the EJP (vision, roadmap, governance and implementation mechanisms), and the organisation of training courses and mobility training schemes to enhance sharing and transfer of knowledge and competences as part of knowledge management activities.

PREDIS project specifically targets Radioactive Waste Producers (RWP) as a separate group within the radioactive waste management process. The consortium is supported by a strong End User Group (EUG) representing wide spread European as well as international interest. PREDIS encompasses the wider European Community, allowing cross-fertilisation and interaction between different national programmes. Numerous dissemination activities, including with Nugenia, IAEA and NEA, will be undertaken to maximize PREDIS’s impact to all the identified Stakeholders in the field.

PREDIS high-level objectives are to:

  • develop solutions (methods, processes, technologies and demonstrators) for future treatment and conditioning of waste across a number of MSs for which no industrially mature or inadequate solutions are currently available, improving safety during next waste management steps;
  • or improve existing solutions with safer, cheaper or more effective alternative processes where they bring measurable benefits to several MSs (Member States).
  • Analyse criteria, parameters and specifications for materials and packages with associated Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for pre-disposal and disposal activities, supporting homogenisation of waste management processes across Europe.