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Project events


  • Domain Insights training
    Coordinated by Amphos 21 Spain, the 20th, 22nd and 24th of May online. Training aims to share knowledge gained through each domain insight with project partners, EUGs, Students and whomever might be interested in the work of the PREDIS project.
  • 3-7.6.2024, PREDIS final conference, Avignon, France.  Save the date! Register here! Preliminary agenda and hotel info here!




20.-24.5.2024 Domain Insight e-training, 12 lectures

15-16.5.2024 LCA and LCC Training  (WP2) at University of Manchester (UK).  Focused on learning about Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment environmental calculations, including hands-on practical exercises. 


14.2.2024 PREDIS free webinar on Analysis of Difficult to Measure Radionuclides – WP4



28.11.2023 at 11-12 CET.  Free public webinar – Towards EURAD-2 – summary of submitted proposal for EURAD-2 (2024-2029, integrating PREDIS scope).

1.12.2023 from 9:00 to 11:30 CET – Webinar on Delivery of the PREDIS SRA.


20-23.11.2023, PREDIS Training on Pre-disposal Waste Management Operations, Case Study at Orano’s La Hague facilities, France.

24-26.10.2023, DigiDecom’23, Helsinki, Finland.


4-8.9.2023, Joint Summer School on Waste Acceptance Criteria, with EURAD, in Prague, CZ, face-to-face with space limit to 60 persons.


11.7.2023 afternoon, EURAD-2 Webinar #2 information session. 


23-26.5.2023, PREDIS Annual Workshop, Mechelen, Belgium


16-17.3.2023 Towards EURAD-2 “Focus Funnel”, in-person WP development event, Cyprus.


10.3.2023, Webinar on Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing


25-27.1.2023, International Conference on Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Application will be arranged in Finland.


19.1.2023, EURAD-2 webinar info session.



15.12.2022, PREDIS WP3 Knowledge Management webinar, public.


3.11.2022, PREDIS Strategic Research Agenda: summary of 2022 findings/update, free public webinar.


5.10.2022, PREDIS Task 2.3 Waste Acceptance Criteria webinar.  Restricted to project partners and End User Group.


May 30 – June 3, Euradwaste’22 conference


May 5, PREDIS SRA Workshop


April 25-27, PREDIS Annual Workshop, Espoo, Finland


February 16, at 13-16 CET – Digital Twins for Waste Management



November 25, at 9-12 CET on PREDIS State of Knowledge (WP3 – covering knowledge documents, training, mobility activities and opportunities)


October 26, at 9-12 CET on PREDIS developments of geopolymers for pre-disposal waste management (WP4-6 issues)


October 5, 9-12 CET on PREDIS metallic and organic waste characterization (WP4-7 issues), together with CHANCE project


September 1, 13-16 CET: PREDIS Gap Analysis and defining the baseline Strategic Research Agenda (WP2 Strategic Studies)


May 20, 9-12 CET: Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) 2 – needs, challenges and opportunities


PREDIS Workshop #2 4-6 May 2021, online.  WP summaries for all partners and EUG on 6 May afternoon.


April 21, 9-12 CET: Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) 1 –information and resources


March 30, 13-16 CET: Innovations in liquid organic waste treatment and conditioning.


March 9, 13-16 CET: Innovations in solid organic waste treatment and conditioning: How to provide long-term solutions for the management of radioactive solid organic wastes through thermal treatments and immobilisation with conventional or novel binders


February 16, 13-16 CET: Innovations in metallic material treatment and conditioning: Getting the most from optimised characterisation, efficient decontamination and advanced conditioning
of both ferrous and more reactive metallic wastes.


January 19, 13-16 CET: Innovations in cemented waste package monitoring and storage Learn about the State-of-the-Art in wasteform/package/facility monitoring techniques (e.g., muon imaging) and how these applications can be improved and extended in the future.



PREDIS workshop 19.-21.10.2020

  • PREDIS General assembly and workshop for consortium members 19.-21.10.2020 (on-line)
  • Public Session for Stakeholders on Wednesday 21 October afternoon (13.00-17.30 CET).


Other events

  • 21-22.5.2024 Nordic Nuclear Forum, Helsinki,  Finland. Info Here
  • 27-31.5.2024 OECD-NEA 7th International Conference on Geological Repositories, South Korea. Info Here.
  • 10-14.6.2024 IAEA Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors, Vienna, Austria. Info Here.
  • 1-5.7.2024 IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development, Vienna, Austria. Info here.
  • 25-28.11.2024 9th International Clay Conference, Hannover, Germany. Info Here.