Project events


  • 5.10.2022, PREDIS Task 2.3 Waste Acceptance Criteria webinar.  Restricted to project partners and End User Group.
  • November 2022, PREDIS Task 2.2 Strategic Research Agenda webinar, public.  Registration link coming soon.
  • late 2022, PREDIS WP3 Knowledge Management webinar, public.  Registration link coming soon.
  • 25-27.1.2023, International Conference on Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Application will be arranged in Finland. Registration open!
  • 23.-26.5.2023, PREDIS Annual Workshop is organised by SCK CEN in Mechelen, Belgium. Detailed information and registration will follow later.




May 30 – June 3, Euradwaste’22 conference


May 5, PREDIS SRA Workshop


April 25-27, PREDIS Annual Workshop, Espoo, Finland


February 16, at 13-16 CET – Digital Twins for Waste Management



November 25, at 9-12 CET on PREDIS State of Knowledge (WP3 – covering knowledge documents, training, mobility activities and opportunities)


October 26, at 9-12 CET on PREDIS developments of geopolymers for pre-disposal waste management (WP4-6 issues)


October 5, 9-12 CET on PREDIS metallic and organic waste characterization (WP4-7 issues), together with CHANCE project


September 1, 13-16 CET: PREDIS Gap Analysis and defining the baseline Strategic Research Agenda (WP2 Strategic Studies)


May 20, 9-12 CET: Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) 2 – needs, challenges and opportunities


PREDIS Workshop #2 4-6 May 2021, online.  WP summaries for all partners and EUG on 6 May afternoon.


April 21, 9-12 CET: Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) 1 –information and resources


March 30, 13-16 CET: Innovations in liquid organic waste treatment and conditioning.


March 9, 13-16 CET: Innovations in solid organic waste treatment and conditioning: How to provide long-term solutions for the management of radioactive solid organic wastes through thermal treatments and immobilisation with conventional or novel binders


February 16, 13-16 CET: Innovations in metallic material treatment and conditioning: Getting the most from optimised characterisation, efficient decontamination and advanced conditioning
of both ferrous and more reactive metallic wastes.


January 19, 13-16 CET: Innovations in cemented waste package monitoring and storage Learn about the State-of-the-Art in wasteform/package/facility monitoring techniques (e.g., muon imaging) and how these applications can be improved and extended in the future.



PREDIS workshop 19.-21.10.2020

  • PREDIS General assembly and workshop for consortium members 19.-21.10.2020 (on-line)
  • Public Session for Stakeholders on Wednesday 21 October afternoon (13.00-17.30 CET).


Other events

  • EURAD lunch-and-learn sessions every last Wednesday of the month. All PREDIS participants are welcome to attend.
    • 28.9.2022 at 13 CET Pathway Evaluation Process – a tool for RWM dialogue
    • 2.11.2022 The NEA Forum on Stakeholder Confidence: a platform to share knowledge on stakeholder engagement in RWM
  • 2.9.2022 at 16-17 CEST.  Free Webinar “Maximising Uranium Mining’s Social and Economic Benefits: A Guide for Stakeholders” organized by OECD-NEA. Register here.
  • 7.9.2022 at 13.30-15.30 CEST Free Webinar ”Innovative Program for Decommissioning Waste Management Optimization: Focus on Characterization Developments” organized by ANDRA, France. New Register here.
  • 20–22.9.2022, IGD-TP Symposium – Role of Optimisation in Radwaste Geological Disposal Programmes.  In person in Zurich and video webinar.
  • 18-20.10.2022 DigiDecom Conference, IFE, Norway.
  • 25–27.10.2022, DigiDecom – Hybrid event under preliminary title ‘AI, data and robotics powered transformation for a sustainable decommissioning in nuclear and other industries. Pre-sign for the event
  • 7-11.11.2022 RWMC Workshop on the Management of Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning in SMR/Advanced Reactor Technologies, Ottawa, Canada.
  • 15-17.11.2022, 12th International Symposium on Clearance and Exemption. In person Frankfurt, Germany
  • 28.11-2.12.2022 EURAD Training Course on Safety Case. Prague.
  • 28.5.-2.6.2023, Alkali Activated Materials and Geopolymers: Sustainable Construction Materials and Ceramics Made Under Ambient Conditions, Calabria, Italy. Registration to conference.
  • 3–6.10.2023, ICEM® 2023 – International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management®. In person in Stuttgart, Germany. Call for abstracts. 2023. For more information visit