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Final Conference

The PREDIS Final Conference was held on 3-7 June, in Avignon, France.

Documents and presentations in PDF-format.

Conference agenda

Wednesday 5.6.

WP1-3 OverviewsPresentations

WP4 – Innovations in metallic treatment and conditioning summaryPresentations

  • Developing and optimizing decontamination processes (T. Suzuki, IMT Atlantique)
  • Optimization of characterization and waste minimization techniques (A. Savidou, NCSRD)
  • Advances in encapsulation of materials in magnesium phosphate cement-based matrices (C. Cannes, IJCLab)
  • A non-destructive gamma spectrometry set-up for characterization of metallic waste (D. Mavrikis, NCSRD)
  • Decontamination of radioactive effluents (M. Robin, IMT Atlantique)

WP5 – Innovations in liquid organic waste treatment and conditioning summaryPresentations

  • Investigation of reference formulation for real waste Real Waste
  • Investigation of direct conditioning Process scale-up
  • Study of conditioning matrix performances
  • Durability evaluation of the MK formulation
  • RLOW pre-impregnation

WP6 – Innovations in solid organic waste treatment and conditioningPresentations

  • Summary
  • Thermal treatment of the radioactive waste forms and characterisation
  • Encapsulation
  • Densification
  • Physico-chemical characterisation of reconditioned waste form and stability testing
  • Economic and environmental impact
  • A drum full of beads

WP7 – Innovations in cemented waste handling and pre-disposal storagePresentations

  • Introduction
  • Innovative Instrumentation summary
  • Real-time monitoring of radioactive waste
  • Digital Twin summary
  • Digital twin and surrogate model
  • Database and decision framework summary
  • Nuclear waste monitoring
  • Demonstration in a realistic environment
  • Conclusions & Value Assessment

Thursday 6.6.

  1. Welcome by Coordinator, EC Officer and Panels
  2. Introduction on the Value Assessment Process & Case Studies
  3. Geopolymers for Waste Immobilization_PREDIS Partner view
  4. Geopolymers for Waste Immobilization_PREDIS End user view, ANDRA
  5. Geopolymers for Waste Immobilization_PREDIS End user view, PURAM
  6. Decontamination & Supporting Waste Hierarchy principles
  7. Digitalization advancements, for monitoring