Mobility and training programme

Tacit training, or hands-on-training, is a cornerstone in any learning process. Mobility actions makes it possible to travel to training facilities or infrastructures. The PREDIS mobility programme aims at facilitating cooperation between partners and Member States, and the acquisition of knowledge needed to develop a professional career in the different subjects related to the predisposal of radioactive waste. PREDIS training programme is under preparation and detailed information will be shared during our May workshop.

The following types of activities are included into the PREDIS mobility programme:

  • visits to partners or industry
  • internship/exchange programme
  • training course participation
  • attending technical events (i.e. conference)

The mobility funding will be based on the following application procedure:

  1. submission of the application
  2. evaluation
  3. fund allocation
  4. mobility (visit, internship, training, etc.)
  5. internal reporting of travel

Even though we are now bounded by COVID-19 travel restrictions, we aim to get the mobility portal on the PREDIS webpage ready before summer 2021, when we intend to open it for the PREDIS partner community. The rules for submission and specification of the requirements and obligations will be clarified in the Mobility Manual, due May 2021.

PREDIS sister project EURAD ( and the School of Radioactive Waste Management offer mobility and training opportunities as well.
Go and check: EURAD School