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Public Session for Stakeholders on 21 October 2020

Agenda and presentations

13.00-17.00  Stakeholder Session

13.00  Welcome & PREDIS Introduction, Maria Oksa and Erika Holt (VTT)

13.20  EURAD project scope and cooperation, Louise Theodon (ANDRA), Elisa Leoni (IRSN), Tara Beattie (PMO)

13.50  IAEA Presentation on Pre-Disposal Radwaste activities (Rebecca Robbins, IAEA)

14.30  Technology cooperation/links

  • SHARE (decommissioning roadmap, stakeholder needs) project, Christine Georges (CEA)
  • MICADO (monitoring waste properties) project overview, Ferdinando Giordano (CAEN)
  • CHANCE (measurements of waste properties) project overview, Guillaume Genoud (VTT)
  • THERAMIN (thermal treatment of waste) project overview, Matti Nieminen (VTT)


15.30  PREDIS panel discussion of needs from End User perspectives:

  • Needs of waste owners, Mark Dowson (Sellafield site, UK)
  • Needs of waste producers, Abderrahim Al Mazoui (EDF, France and SNE-TP)
  • Needs of waste management organizations, Irina Gaus (Nagra, Switzerland and IGD-TP)
  • International cooperation perspectives, Rebecca Robbins (IAEA, Austria)
  • International cooperation perspectives, Piet Zuidema (EURAD Chief Scientific Officer)


17.30  Future Cooperation steps & summary (VTT)