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Training of young professionals (including PhD/PostDocs and trainees) is crucial for the PREDIS project. The implementation of training activities allows newcomers and new generations to acquire the level of knowledge needed to develop a professional career in the different subjects related to the predisposal of radioactive waste.

All training activities developed in the framework of PREDIS and those not developed by the project but of interest to the PREDIS community are included in this webpage. Note that PREDIS also organises webinars.

PREDIS courses

  • PREDIS training on the Domain Insights


  • LCA and LCC Training  (WP2)
    15-16.5.2024 at University of Manchester (UK), possibly also hybrid.  Focused on learning about Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment environmental calculations, including hands-on practical exercises. Open to PREDIS, EURAD and Stakeholders. 
  • Radioactive Waste Management operations, from retrieval to conditioning.
    Organized by Orano France, 20-23 November 2023, at Orano La Hague plant (380 km from Paris). The training session gives a general overview of radioactive waste management to the young specialists involved in the PREDIS project. This training will consist of lessons and visits to discover La Hague reprocessing plant, LLW and ILW management Operations, as well as Orano’s container solutions and one of its container manufacturing plants.
  • WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) Summer school.
    Joint effort between the EURAD and PREDIS projects. Organized by CV Rez , 4-8 September 2023 at Husinec, Czech Republic. The training gives a general overview of waste acceptance systems and criteria with focus on different approaches in Europe to young specialists. This training consists of lessons, discussion forums and visits to the Richard repository as well as the UJV/CVR waste processing facilities.
  • PREDIS Fundamentals
    Organized by Galson and supported by Amphos21. Held during 22/05/2023 at Conference Centre, Mechelen, Belgium.
    Organized by ENRESA and supported by Amphos21. Held during 21-24/11/2022 at Jose Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant, Guadalajara, Spain.
  • PREDIS Joint course on LLW/ILW management and Student meeting
    Organized by UJV Rez and supported by Amphos21. Held during 7-9/09/2022 at Husinec, Czech Republic.
  • PREDIS Overview: Innovations in Pre-disposal Radioactive Waste Management
    Organized by Amphos21 and supported by Galson. Held during 9-10/06/2022, online.
Other Courses/Webinars

  • EURAD´s Lunch & Learn
    Periodic webinars on relevant and ongoing work in the nuclear sector.
  • Thermochemical Database (TDB) Project course, September 23, 2023, in Nantes, France. Registration deadline 6.9.2023. Read more!


Do you need PREDIS to develop a course or training activity on a specific topic?

Please fill in send and email to providing the topic you are interested in and the type of training activity (short course, long course, lecture, webinar, etc.). The Management Team will consider it.