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WP5 webinar 30.3.2021

Innovations in liquid organic waste treatment and conditioning

13:00-15:00 CET – Flash talks



Disposability for geopolymers and related materials encapsulating radioactive organic liquids


Waste owners perspectives on needs and challenges


Ongoing work on geopolymers and guidance


15:00-15:15 CET Break

15:10-15:45 CET – Breakout room discussions

    • What are the goals of predisposal management strategies for RLOW when using geopolymers?
    • What are the benefits and limitations of geopolymers?
    • How soon could geopolymers be deployed?
    • What issues are related to WAC for geopolymers? What needs to improve or change so they are accepted?
    • What are the biggest challenges that should be tackled in PREDIS WP5?
    • Where can the PREDIS project have the largest impact?
    • Are there focus or subtopics that we have not covered today?


15:45-16:00 CET – Feedbacks and conclusions

    • Summary from Breakout rooms and live polls
    • Wrap-up and adjourn